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Olivia Frances Drops Visualizer for “The Bee & The Rose” for National Honey Bee Day

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Please support local talent changing the world on National Honey Bee Day.

Operation Honey Bee the Original Save The Bees 501c3 Accredited Non Profit is pleased to share an amazing artist, OLIVIA FRANCES and her song The Bee & The Rose.


Olivia Frances Drops Visualizer for “The Bee & The Rose” for National Honey Bee Day

July 8, 2020 — Nashville-based pop/folk artist OLIVIA FRANCES will release a visualizer for her sweeping, environmentally-driven song, “The Bee & The Rose” on National Honey Bee Day. This year, the event will take place on Saturday, August 15th when beekeepers, beekeeping clubs, and honey bee enthusiasts from across the U.S will celebrate honey bees and their contribution to our lives in an effort to protect this critical species.

As an environmentalist and musician, Frances uses “The Bee & The Rose” as a catalyst to discuss the current bee crisis on stage. Written with the talented Nashville-based songwriter Michael Astrachan and produced at Riverhouse Recording Studios by the distinguished Pat Lassiter, “The Bee & The Rose” is a gem off of Orchid (2019), her latest bouquet of songs and stories.

Frances says, “While writing for my new album, I knew I wanted to write a song for the bees.” During a weekly writing session with Astrachan, Frances shared this desire and Astrachan crafted a few title ideas, including “The Bee & The Rose.” That title clicked and Frances began picking her guitar hoping to create something special. In 2019, the song was a finalist in the 9th Annual Maine Songwriting Competition. This year, “The Bee & The Rose” was nominated for Best Story Song at the 18th Annual Independent Music Awards, which features the year’s best indie music, video, and designs from around the globe. Additionally, Frances has recently been nominated in the Album of the Year and Artist of the Year (Multi-Genre) categories at the 6th Annual Josie Music Awards.

If you’re yet to experience her spiritually resolving sound, her 2019 single The Bee & the Rose is the perfect introduction.” - Amelia Vandergast (A&R Factory)

Inspired by Fleetwood Mac’s album cover for “Tango in the Night,” the visualizer features a fairytale garden landscape with a honey bee flying onto a rose. It was designed and brought to life by Allie Oliver-Burns at Posemanikin.



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