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About Operation Honey Bee

Our Mission and Goals

To “Bee The Voice of Change” and ensure that honeybee populations are restored to their natural numbers worldwide by:

  • Promoting and advocating for sustainable agricultural practices that reduce the multi-layered geopathic stress that kills bees.
  • Advocating for quick and positive change from corporations whose practices kill bees. 

Our ultimate goal is to stop the extinction and restore the sacred pollinator of our foods.

The Honey Bee is most important animal for human life on this planet, we must act now!

About the Founder

John Baxter,is a marketing and advertising pioneer, entrepreneur, and inventor. He has distinguished himself as a leader in online brand sales through the United States. Currently he has several trademarks and patents that are playing a significant role in the marketplace of home health products around the globe.

John also developed technology that is changing the mattress industry worldwide. He has also pioneered clean energy practices. John is a marketing and advertising visionary capable of changing the world with an idea.