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Meet The Team 



John Baxter, our founder has a long history in the mattress industry where he was able to disrupt the industry through online marketing and advertising over the last 18 years. After helping create 13 successful multi million dollar startups, John was able to shift his focus to other passions including creating situation that would help foster change and help the future of the world. This includes creating a mattress called the Anti Aging Bed that is set to change the entire category of sleep. John is a capable visionary, a health and wellness advocate, and has focused on creating "bee safe" products and pushing for safe crop sciences. John was Fox News Carolina's bee guru, a bee keeper, natural health and sleep advocate, martial arts who created the Bee style Tai Chi, a patented inventor and serial entrepreneur. Also he helped create more bee awareness than any other bee non profit worldwide with over a billion impressions with the help of a Disney company.

John wanted to create a conscious movement that was much larger than himself. His calling was saving the bees, he witnessed the saddest event in his life, watching the death of bees due to Pesticides and Herbicides on his property.  His fight is to make industries change for the better and create a more sustainable environment for future generations. All these events changed his life and his outlook of connecting the world through bees. He is here to inspire others to foster lasting change.



About Operation Honey Bee

Our Mission and Goals

To “Bee The Voice of Change” and ensure that honeybee populations are restored to their natural numbers worldwide by:

  • Promoting and advocating for sustainable agricultural practices that reduce the multi-layered geopathic stress that kills bees.
  • Advocating for quick and positive change from corporations whose practices kill bees. 

Our ultimate goal is to stop the extinction and restore the sacred pollinator of our foods.

The Honey Bee is most important animal for human life on this planet, we must act now!