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Crop Science & Sustainable Agriculture is the future of the world.

A portion of your donation will go towards creating a bee safe pesticide and herbicide which will be safe for humans as well. This ingredient will be called "OHB" that offers bee safety that will keep bees safe and will be labelled OHB approved. Many products in the Agri Science category have been banned in many countries in the world recently. Now many products are now showing being unsafe for human exposure as well. The EPA has since changed their minds on many products being safe in this category. There is a balance between food production and the amount of people that are on this planet, this term is called crop optimization. What can we do as humanity that can keep up with crop optimization by utilizing pollinator optimization. How do we create a environmentally friendly pesticide and herbicide that allows for food production scalability and safety towards bees? The products we use in the future must meet strict requirements. One of which it must be "bee friendly" also it must be sustainable to the environment? We are quickly creating the first bee and human safe product.

Here are a couple of headlines in the news in 2019:

  • Roundup Lawsuits
  • Glyphosate
  • Pesticides Cancer
  • EPA Banning Of Chemicals
  • 17 Countries have banned Glyphosate Herbicide
  • GMOs banned in 38 countries
  • Climate Change
  • Pesticides found in Drinking Water

Operation Honey Bee is doing their part by making impactful change.