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Our Mission and Goals

To “Bee The Voice of Change” and ensure that honeybee populations are restored to their natural numbers worldwide by:

  • Promoting and advocating for sustainable agricultural practices that reduce the multi-layered geopathic stress that kills bees.
  • Advocating for quick and positive change from corporations whose practice unsustainable agriculture including pesticides & GMO.
  • Help local beekeepers & local farmers
  • Spread the message to those who do not understand 
  • Protect Animal Rights - Protect Insects from cruelty. Worldwide 7% decline in all insects from 2014-2018!!!

Our ultimate goal is to stop the extinction and restore the sacred pollinator of our foods.

The Honey Bee is most important animal for human life on this planet, we must act now!

We hope the Honey Bee will allow you see our bigger purpose on Earth.

BEE the Change "YOU wish to SEE" in the World! Help the Fight to save the Bees!

Operation Honey Bee is OUR voice in action protecting Honey Bees Worldwide. We will ensure that pollinator populations are restored. We promote and advocate sustainable agricultural practices that help Honey Bees against multi faceted threats of GEO PATHIC Stress causing bee deaths. Operation Honey Bee protects bees from unsustainable agricultural corporations that directly impact declining Honey Bee populations.

Bee populations are dangeriously low, TOGETHER we can restore bee populations!

Operation Honey Bee, Inc is a recognized 501c3 Charitable Tax Deductable Non Profit Organization. 100% of donations go toward saving Bees.